Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Do It?

Many people offer their Praise and Worship to God in song.  I wanted to do something additional; something different and unique.  Something that reflected my joy and would add to the joy of others during Christmas.  I am hopeful that people will gain great joy and remember God and His son Jesus Christ as they watch this lighting display.  Each light and every note of music are ways I express my Praise and Worship.  I find myself blessed to live in such a great country and have the Freedom, Liberty, Joy, and Grace that we have in Christ.

How Do You Do It?

The lights are controlled by a dedicated computer that interfaces with lighting controllers made by Light O Rama and Gordon Lights.  The computer uses lighting synchronization software from Madrix and Light O Rama.  Combined, these lighting programs can create and schedule the shows that I desire.



How Do I Hear The Lights?

I use a very low power FM stereo transmitter broadcasting over an unused local FM frequency (92.1 FM).   This FM signal is RDS capable; the RDS signal sends out a special message from me to you throughout the broadcast time.  Normal broadcast hours are 15 minutes before the scheduled show to 15 minutes after the scheduled show.

How Much Time Does It Take To Set Everything Up?

I begin planning in early January for the coming years show.  Throughout the year I try to think of ways to incorporate new ideas and possible changes.  The decision point in this process occurs around the June-July time frame.  Because changes can sometimes involve building new light displays, I need as much time as possible!  The final display idea and the lights are tested prior to setup which starts in early November for a Thanksgiving show launch.

What Music Do You Use?

Without a doubt the music is the “driving” force behind the entire display!  Therefore I am careful to include music with a steady beat that I can synchronize the lights to.  For every minute of music it takes 6-8 hours of work to synchronize the lights to the music.  I use Traditional Christmas music as well as mainstream music.  For a list of the songs used during the show click here.

How Many Lights Do You Have?

Good question.  I have no idea…..

How Much Does Your Power Bill Increase When Running The Show?

Another good question.  I ain’t telling!  But seriously, with the use of LED lighting the cost is reasonable-the power bill increases approximately $50 for the months of November and December combined.



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