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How To Stay Off Santa’s Naughty List

We are thrilled to have you as a guest to watch our display!  Please be respectful of our neighborhood by abiding by the following guidelines.  After all you really don’t want to end up on another list, do you? 🙂

Please do not park directly in front of the house; you may be blocking the view for others.

Please do not park in or block any driveway.  Our neighbors will appreciate that!

Please turn off your headlights; do leave your parking lights on for safety.

Be careful as you drive away and be mindful of pedestrian traffic.

Please do not leave trash behind.


Thanks and Enjoy the Show!


Holiday Christmas light displays attract children of all ages and fills us with that special anticipation and delight of the season of Christmas.  And rightfully so.  Each of us yearns for the comfort we know from our youth as each Christmas season approaches.


As a child, everyone remembers the one house that went all out for Christmas. While we do not consider ourselves as “going all out” we are hopeful to bring Joy to you as well as our neighbors with our display.  If you want to add some excitement to your home Christmas light display, then consider adding animated Christmas lights that are synchronized to music. Putting on a great show is the same as telling a great story. Instead of watching a story unfold on the pages of a book you are using lights and sound to tell the story of Christmas.



To learn more about computer controlled lights and our synchronized lights display, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section for additional information.



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